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1) Insomnia is an interesting minimal / dark ambient project, who has released 3 CD-rs on Nothingness Records. This project has been discontinued, but its 3 albums, (forming a trilogy) are now available for streaming and download on

2) Insomnia is also an experimental / electronic project: “1 of 27 Reasons to…” are 27 songs based on the Fruity Loops shareware. That was the first concept but then, Insomnia / Leon has changed his mind and some samples from computer games, classic music and movie soundtracks were added to the compositions. Finally, guitars and vocals were added (both recorded live). All the “reasons”, despite various tempos, are trying to catch this “stuffy” and a little bit psychedelic touch.

3) Insomnia was a four-piece psychedelic / screamo band from R?ga, Latvia formed in year 2005.

Band have gone through many changes between members; played many shows around Latvia - including almost all open-air events, such as Fono Fest, Zv?r? and other; recorded studio recording sessions - the last of them at Hodila Records in Valmiera, Latvia in year 2008; performed with such foreign bands as Abduktio, Disney and many other.

Insomnia split up in June 2009. Currently band’s members are related with Latvian independent acts Place of Fear, Magnolla, Mango, Seim, Gaserata and other.

The last lineup consisted of:

J?nis Vasarietis - vocal
M?rti?š Kamp?ns - guitar
Ieva Strazdi?a - bass guitar
H?rdijs Rudajs - drums

4) Insomnia is also a Russian melodic black metal band.
Сами музыканты характеризуют свой стиль как Power Sympho Black, однако эта музыка оказалась интересна для широкого круга почитателей тяжелой музыки, так как содержит в себе помимо всего прочего элементы Melodic Death с небольшим влиянием готики. Датой образования группы считается 06.06.06. И уже через два месяца началась работа на студии, результатом чего становится предоставленная вашему вниманю демо-запись.В нее входят две авторские композиции группы, а также кавер версия известной песни в тяжелой интерпретации.

Над записью работали:
Dark Angel - вокал, ритм-гитара
Wayland - лидер-гитара
Barathrum - клавишные
Siren - бэк-вокал, хор

1.Крылья падшего
2.Сердце зла
3.Phantom Of The Opera
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