U.D.O. – Leatherhead

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исполнитель U.D.O.

длительность 04:09

размер 9.97 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Gendelf123

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[Kaufmann, Dirkschneider] Just Give Me A Reason And I’ll Put You Down You’ll Never Get Up You’ll Be Deep Underground You’re Like A Dog In A Manger You’re Sickly With Sin You’re Messing With Danger That’s Where I’m Coming In Don’t Count Your Chances Your Chances Are None Don’t Make No Advances I’ve Only Begun I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead I Am Acoming – Leatherhead Don’t Say Anything Or I’m Gonna Come Around You Think You’re The Tough Guy, Hah Well, I’m From The Streets I Come From The Wrong Side Wild Animals Meet I’ll Kick Out Your Daylight That’s Gonna Be Fun I’m A Twenty-Four Carat I’m A Son Of A Gun [Bridge] I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead I Am Aflame – Leatherhead Leatherhead – That’s My Name – Leatherhead Don’t Be Making Waves Or I’m Gonna Cut You Down I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead I Am Aflame – Leatherhead Leatherhead – That’s My Name I Am The Leatherhead – Leatherhead I Am On Fire – Leatherhead Don’t You Make A Move ‘Cause I’m The Guy From Central Evil Don’t You Gimme Lip And Don’t You Make A Sound Contract Double Dealing Hired Killer Calls Shadows, Alleys, Meetings Concrete Overcoat Deadly Information Dossiers And Deeds Assignments And Arrangements All He Ever Needs Take It As A Warning You’ve Got Nothing Left To Gain You Don’t Wanna End Up With A Bullet In Your Brain Laid To Rest – By Request By The Best – By The Renegade Icy Stare – Cold And Bare You Beware Of The Renegade Packages And Timers Silencers And Guns Connections And Debriefings Aiming For The One Technical Correction Silent Fatal Skill Obsession For Perfection Validates The Kill Take It As A Blessing You Won’t Here The Final Shot Mercy For The Victim He Delivers Clean And Hot
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