U.D.O. – Terrorvision

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исполнитель U.D.O.

длительность 03:59

размер 9.56 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Gendelf123

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[Kaufmann, Dirkschneider] Broadcast Will Be Porno Obscenic Magazines Dirty Rotten Gaming Cyberkinetic Fuck Machines The Phone Is Always Busy Premium Lines On Hold B-Stars Making Promises Buy One And You’ll Get One Free Technical Advancement Content Breaking Down You’re Paying For The Terror And Transmission Overload On The Air – Terrorvision – Terrorvision Sick Affairs – Terrorvision – Terrorvision Dumb And Blind – Terrorvision – Terrorvision Twists Your Mind – Terrorvision – Terrorvision Enter Competitions Hell, No Way To Win And Liars Talking Business All You Get Is Shame On You Sporting Is A Dope Show Nothing Is For Real Sponsors Are Dictators Begging For The Money Deals Tuning Into War Zones The Body Count Is High Another Frozen Baby Lead Me To An Open Sky
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