Reba Mcentire – Somebody Should Leave

Reba Mcentire
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исполнитель Reba Mcentire

длительность 03:03

размер 2.94 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Regent

Somebody Should Leave
На гудок
(harlan howard, chick rains) It sure gets quiet When the kids go to bed We sit here in the silence Putting off what must be said I read a book you watch tv As our love dies quietly I'm so sad i don't know what i just read Chorus: Somebody should leave But which one should it be You need the kids and they need me Somebody should leave But we hate to give in We keep hoping somehow we might need each other again You say goodnight and turn and face the wall We lie here in the darkness and the tears start to fall If it was only you and me goodbye might come more easily But what about those babies down the hall Repeat chorus x2
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