Rest In Piece – In My Dreams

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исполнитель Rest In Piece

длительность 04:31

размер 4.36 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

In My Dreams
(M. Beecroft, J. Collins, G. Coulson, J. Heslip, D. Pickell, P. Wildfong) If I could fly across the ocean I'd have you fly back with me So, I could hold you for all time If I could stop the world I'd make you mine forever I can make it happen in my dreams Chorus A: In my dreams I am the only one that you adore In my dreams I'd live and breath or even die for In my dreams I'll have to settle for you in my dreams In my dreams If I could light the sky from darkness You could see the way I feel Just to see you face to face If I could silence the noise You could listen to my heart Then you'd know my love is true Then you'd know my love is true Chorus A Chorus B: Wish you were here with me I'd touch you deep inside Feelin' your body move In perfect time with mine Why must you only be A vision of the night? Why must I only see you in my dreams? All I want is to take your hand And feel your pulse beat for real I'd keep you safe as I hold you I want you to feel what I feel Chorus A Chorus B
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