Charon – As we die

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исполнитель Charon

длительность 04:00

размер 5.77 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Pandora139

As we die
I'm dreaming of death, I take deep dive. The rest of my life will drown in your eyes. The words in my mouth will take your heart. Repeating the rhyme that reveals my disguise. I feel your pain inside of my dreams where in nothing to see at all. I fall into you and I take it all down and reach for my dawn. I will blacken your eyes and mute your mouth, blind love is the bound. I reach to your heart it's cold inside. I'll suffer in flames that burns my eyes. Blood in your chest, hell in your hands. Inside of my dreams where is nothing to see. Creeping light kills your night. You touch my soul and together we die. Repeating the rhyme that reveals my disguise. I kill your fame, I feel your pain.
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