2nd Season – It's Your Time To Rise

2nd Season
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исполнитель 2nd Season

длительность 02:22

размер 3.59 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Beneton2

It's Your Time To Rise
На гудок
We just want to cheer you up When you feel down And lonely And We'll try to help you out Of this so You just could be happy again Be strong don't fade away Hold on don't let this pull you down We know you'll find the way To beat your problems to the ground OH! WE DEDICATE THIS SONG TO THOSE WHO'VE LOST THE HOPE! AND! IT'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT, BELIEVE US, 'CAUSE WE KNOW! BAM! WHOA WHOA It's time to get up on your feet And pick it up where you left off Self-confidence is what you need Along the way you'll need it all We hope that you will be able to make This by yourself and you're not gonna break We believe in you And these words are true Go Go! Yeah! Your life is going to move on! But you'll never guess and you'll never know What's gonna happen on the next turn Whoa! You need to be prepared and It is gonna work out WE'RE ALL HERE TOGETHER! WE'VE COME FOR YOU! So pack your bags And come with us Let's leave this place Forget the past!
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