Uriah Heep – I Won't Mind

Uriah Heep
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исполнитель Uriah Heep

правообладатель Warner Music Group

длительность 05:42

размер 5.44 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено perejoginkadet

I Won't Mind
I don't mind If you steal my last dime Just leave me anytime And I'll get, get along fine I don't really know why But I know I'll get by If I don't I'll die tryin' If it rains again I'm gonna fly to the sun 'Cause nothing gets done Just sitting, sitting around Look at the way it's been Just waitin' and wonderin' I've just got to keep trying Looking for gold in the sky Gets kinda rough Maybe I'm to blame �Cause I didin't look hard enough But I still get the feeling That it shouldn't be so tough So I won't mind, I, I won't mind I won't mind, I, I won't mind So I won't mind I, No, I won't mind I won't mind, I, said I won't mind
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