Yaki-Da – A Small Step For Love

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исполнитель Yaki-Da

правообладатель ПМИ, Интерактив, Студия Союз

длительность 04:45

размер 11.40 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено nhentym

A Small Step For Love
На гудок
Baby we have drifted into emptiness Down along the line somewhere Pictures of a summers day so long ago Never thought to save them for a rainy day I still remember The reasons why we do belong I still remember the words The words you said You were gonna fly me to the moon Give me all the stars in the sky Climb the highest mountain just for me Now it seems that love will die soon Baby there's no time to reason why Forget about the moon Now a small step for love will do Baby can you tell me love has gone away Look into my eyes - is it over No one really loses if we change the game Nothing's meant to stay Stay the same I still remember.... You were gonna fly me to the moon...
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