Jodeci – Let's Do It All

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исполнитель Jodeci

длительность 05:37

размер 7.15 MB

битрейт 160 kbps

загружено MarsKlG

Let's Do It All
На гудок
verse 1 Baby won't you come along And taste my love tonight I wanna take you to another level When my face climb off your thigh You been a victim of a selfish game But honey i show no shame When you walk right by my way Baby i can do the same Let me hear you come on Chorus Baby won't you slide down Make me make crazy sounds Baby come on get down Let's do ti all, let's do it all Baby i'm gon slide down Make you make crazy sounds Baby come let's get down Let's do it all, let's do it all Verse 2 Come on, and taste my love tonight Cuz tonight you look so tasty, tasty, tasty And i got a big appetite for love Girl the way you talk You move your lips so right I don't mean to disrespect you But put your lips to work tonight
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