C.C. Catch – Hollywood Nights

C.C. Catch
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исполнитель C.C. Catch

длительность 03:12

размер 4.61 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено marysia_mix

Hollywood Nights
Daytime friends and nighttime fools Oh, they're breaking golden rules Dreaming all their dreams come true Dreaming like the big guys do From a day in paradise And a life without a lie Little dreams can go a long, long way Don't stop this Hollywood nights Stand up and fight Ohoho, ohoho Hollywood nights Don't stop this Hollywood nights Know that it's right Ohohoh, ohoho Hollywood nights Dreams are more than a little wish Broken promises maybe you're reach There's a will and there's a way You'll bear the pain another day You can make it, if you try Don't give it up Oh baby, why ? Little dreams can go a long, long way
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