Malukah (Judith de los Santos) – Covered In Red

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исполнитель Malukah (Judith de los Santos)

длительность 03:40

размер 3.48 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Kaikatsu

They won't wear away, the last words I said They serve to remind me of all that has changed I hear nothing when I beg to make the slightest amends Eventide sways in the back of my mind Taking all you could carry, you left me behind I saw your eyes completely filled with dread Covered in red... And it covers me as well I see the pictures on the wall They look alive, they look alive in a certain light I think of all the ways that I pretend you never left I think of all the brilliance left unsaid Covered in red... And it hurts for me to hold on 'Cause in my head you're dying You're dying again... Again...
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