Nayer Feat. Mohombi & Pitbull – Suavemente

Nayer Feat. Mohombi & Pitbull
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исполнитель Nayer Feat. Mohombi & Pitbull

длительность 03:42

размер 5.52 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено адидас07

Suavemente besame I'm ready to do whatever If you take me away Suavemente besame I'll make you do whatever If I take you away [Nayer:] I know the craving and I can save it You've been so patient And I've been waiting For you to take it And you can keep it Just say you need me, Мake me believe it I wanna go Can't let you go Hey mami, damelo otra vez Da-da-damelo otra vez [2x] [Chorus] [Pitbull:] The way you moving (suave) Makes me say (suave) Go аhead baby (suave) Do it my babe (suave) [Mohombi:] Dame good morning So I can get it Let's just be honest, you are the finest Got you surrounded, baby, surrender Don't make me hunt you, I know you want to I wanna go Can't let you go Hey mami, damelo otra vez Da-da-damelo otra vez (x2) [Chorus] [Pitbull:] Mohombi, Nayer, Pitbull, fire This is revolution in music Аnd we co-write it Yeah, just try us Double domination And everybody knows that me no liar Red one have them sent a one million year And here's my wire Armandito, tremenda gente Tenemos siempre calle elegante y decente Esta noche vamos hacer el amor Ya tu sabe bebita suavemente I want you to lose your mind, lose control What before, lose it now Cause I know we doing big You gotta be ready to lose it up, dale! [Chorus]
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