Thyrfing – A Moment in Valhalla

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исполнитель Thyrfing

длительность 04:55

размер 11.81 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

A Moment in Valhalla
Horns raised and filled with the finest of mead Valhalla's warriors battle succeed The lodge so enormous, so many in here Valkyries serve us the best flesh and beer Forever we'll sit here, to eat and drink well All of us heathens on a battlefield fell Our death went divine to Valhalla came Another brave name for the golden hall's fame Inside the great lodge where delight does stream A beautiful valkyrie in every man's dream Woman come over here and sit on my knee! In the great sky tonight you will see Up there I'll show you the mighty starsign The shape of Thyrfing trapped in time That sword my life once before took But now in Valhalla, tonight we will fuck! Where delight is streaming Fallen warriors gleaming Soon we'll be there in the goldenmost hey Crawling around each other til the very next day Eight hundred voices in a drunken chant Some dance around the tables, stand straight they can't Throats are getting wet, throats are getting dry There's a lot of mead in the horns raised high The feast goes on forever, for ages it will last We're all getting glorified, thinking about our past
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