Howie Day – Everything Else

Howie Day
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исполнитель Howie Day

длительность 03:22

размер 6.44 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено cola

Everything Else
На гудок
Pictures blurred in her head Won't let them win She'll make you come Right back and let her in For the one that you love Is more than them fuck them Think about her now She's yours anyway And everything else doesn't matter Really 'cause that girl that you want She's never going away And if you want her you can't have her Break yourself into a million pieces Everything else can wait for you So everything else can wait for you to do They will all just go away All of those demons Enjoy this life right now You know what you're to do And letters Yes they matter write her quite a few And she might love you for it But you can't count on it And I'm screaming for the breath That makes you alive You want that girl For all that you can try Once you have her I know she'll be so great for you I know she'll try something Inside you you are everything else
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