Cee-Lo Green – Crazy

Cee-Lo Green
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исполнитель Cee-Lo Green

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino

длительность 02:58

размер 7.13 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено wrlsib

На гудок
Saw you early this morning sleeping all dressed in white,for a moment I thought you were an angel come to take me home alive. You woke up and you caught me staring smiled and said hey cut it out you said that I must be crazy,I said crazy about you and I kissed your mouth CHORUS If I am truly crazy don't you know I like my life that way and if I'm really going on out of my mind won't you hop on board and make your getaway took a walk on down the seashore saw a beggar picking up some cans saw a little boy who had some salt in his eyes reaching out for his mamma's hands then I watched a stranger give that man a dollar watched a mamma wipe tears from here little boy's eyes then I stared up into the heavens said oh my God I'm glad to be alive, so glad to be alive. CHORUS Wake up in the morning we turn all the lights on turn em' out at night so that we can hide, sometimes I sleep with all the lights on, tt helps me to appreciate the night, I hear people talk about life all the time all they remember are times so sad, don't you think that life would be awfully boring, if the good times were all that we had. CHORUS Hop on board, make your getaway
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