Family Force 5 – Dance Or Die

Family Force 5
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исполнитель Family Force 5

жанр Рок

длительность 04:11

размер 10.06 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

Dance Or Die
Transmission radio, radio...respond if you're alive Give me a sign of life I need to say to you, say to you...I've found a way to fight One hope for all mankind [B Verse 1:] We're gonna take control Dancing is your weapon Let your moves unfold Kill 'em with your steppin' We can win this war It's time to come together Now we're stronger than we were before [Chorus 1:] They're trying to take our lives But we will survive We're running out of time, the world ends tonight Unless we dance or die Dance or die [Verse 2:] Transmission radio, radio...take back the night Dance for your right I'm on my way to you, way to you...we can reunite And watch the sky ignite [B Verse 2:] They couldn't take the sound They fall harder when they're bigger Yeah they all crashed down Our party pulled the trigger We won this war Because we came together Made 'em wish that they were never born [Chorus 2 and 3:] They try to take your lives But you will survive Look into my eyes, don't say goodbye You gotta dance or die Dance or die [Bridge:] One-two-three-four I declare a dance war Dance or die Yeah it's five-six-seven-eight Now we're gonna celebrate Dance or die
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