2Pac – A Day In The Life

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исполнитель 2Pac

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:55

размер 11.79 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

A Day In The Life
(Ray Tyson) Postal border was makin' me mad So I get up in my cruiser, broke out of the pad Rolled to the West Side to check out my boys Twenty brothers in the park, all bringin' the noise Stepped out the car, Levi's saggin' Gold around my neck with my limb-walk laggin' Walked up on my boys with the old E chillin' The box with the big beats and my boys started illin' A hoop game started so I jump in Had the hoods' toughest team so I just had to win Diz to the outside, 2Pac up the center A ten minute game and we were the winners The boys started smackin', talkin' that slack and till he see my posse and the suckers started backin' Tried to say we cheat, because he got beat Another lightweight sucker that can handle defeat People wonder why I choose to live the hype It's not to understand, it's just a day in the life Kick it - it's just a day in the life (2Pac) Finally I'm on vacation and school is through So here I am, on Monday mornin' with nothin' to do Tried to get outta my bed, but I can't move Ya see I'm stuck to my matress like crazy glue So there I lay, for half the day just thinkin' Got up to brush my teeth cause my breath started stinkin' But I was all alone so it wasn't no thing Got up to take a shower and heard the phone ring Picked it up, the salutations, little bit frustrations Who could be disturbin' me on my vacation? Speakin' on the phone in an aggravatin' tone Now I know what Michael meant by leave me alone So I'm askin' who is it? and the answer shocks me It was the voice of my homeboy Roc-T Him and Dizzy had been waitin' for me Had a show at three and now I'm late as can be Said I have to take a shower, I'll go ahead and take it If I leave within the hour, I still might make it I'm rollin' in a sweatsuit, wasn't tryin' to get cute Hopped on to the stage and said: Sorry that I kept you I started rappin', girls started clappin' Couldn't wait to finish so I could start mackin' Jumped off stage, picked up the girl for the night Huh, that's how I'm livin', a day in the life, come on A day in the life (Ray Tyson) Stretch white limo hits the colessium A crowd full of people sayin: I can't wait to see him Who is in the limo, who are they talkin' about? Strictly Dope in the house, hear to turn the party out We get out the car and can barely stand Cause everywhere I look are screamin' fans Girls on my tip but I really don't sweat 'em They'll tear my new clothes if your bodygurad'll let 'em Hit backstage with two minutes to spare Just enough time to grip a breath of fresh air We hear the introduction, the audience is loud I stepped out on the stage and then I moved the crowd Winners all over, we tried to leave the scene but there's a whole crowd of people at the limousine Pen and paper in my face, I couldn't be mean So I was signin' autographs at the age of seventeen People wonder why I choose to live the hype It's not hard to understand, it's just a day in the life Kick it - it's a day in the life Kick it, kick it, kick it (2Pac) Coolin' with my posse at the neighborhood disco Talkin' to a cutie as I'm sippin' on my cisco Askin' me to dance but I keep on sayin' No Hate to dance fast, I only like to do it slow Dizzy's on the dance floor, funky, funky motion Girl keeps on sweatin' me with sexual kind of totions Roc is signin' autographs makin' girlies dizzy Crowd sweatin' Strictly Dope cause we're gettin' busy Suckers wanna battle us, we move in silence Strictly Dope is positive, we're tryin' to stop the violence Started feel tipsy, I'm lookin' for the door The Cisco had me dizzy, I stumbled to the floor And more I try to sit up, the less I seem to get up My stomach starts to turn and my head feels wit' up The room begins to spin, I pass out for the night Just another way of livin' a day in the life, kick it (Ray Tyson & 2Pac) Knew I was a genius, soon as you seen this Avoid hoe's value, don't have to redeem this Teenage terror, no room for error A girl start dissin', and I SCARE HER!! Risin' like inflation on your favorite station Rap is my forte and my recreation Girls wanna kiss me, suckers wanna diss me My mother didn't want me to be, but I'ma emcee The ladies desire, emcees admire That's why many hate me and call me liar Hoods of the hype-tip, girls on the ill-trip I'm through rockin' this whack, so that's it I am the high type, my style is so right It's not hard to understand, it's just a day in the life
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