Breakdown Of Sanity – The Storm

Breakdown Of Sanity
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исполнитель Breakdown Of Sanity

длительность 03:47

размер 9.06 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

The Storm
Close to the ground, I follow my tears My eyes, glared by the lies Who's the liar in this cold world Where's the traitor Your fuckin' almighty god Almighty god You can not deny This ship will sink, you know it We will never be free, what has humanity become I'd prefer to die rather than become a part of them I saw the fuckin' target getting closer, just minutes away (But) no hope at this time My hands, bound by fear My eyes, glared by the lies of the masses I try the block, for the very last time (From: You failed, it's time to break the rules But I need your help to defeat this storm I miss the shore Against the cruel spirit of this sinking withering world I miss the shore It's all up to you, it's all up to me I miss the shore It's all up to us Is this the end Please tell me you won't abandon all hope Now hoist the sails my friends Never quit, let's cross this storm Eye for an eye We capture your flag Eye for an eye This world can become what we want it to be Eye for an eye
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