April Sixth – Suicidal

April Sixth
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исполнитель April Sixth

длительность 03:27

размер 8.27 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

Verse 1: You wanna know, what's driven me down, to the bottom of this pit. Well, I took my time in dealing with your love. And all the pain I tried to forget. Well it hurts to say that. PreChorus: I'm afraid. From the grave I made, now you push me in, and you're leaving me to die. Chorus: Well, you are the same as me. Don't tell me it's over, it's over. Verse 2: Well, I took a chance, and drifted back into your world. All the memories we made, the wonders that we shared. The night we gave it all away. Well, it's sad to say. (PreChorus) Break: I'm suicidal I will never try to hide this way you look at me. Take it back against the will inspired to die myself again
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