Amoral – Snake Skin Saddle

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исполнитель Amoral

длительность 04:21

размер 7.96 MB

битрейт 244 kbps

Snake Skin Saddle
We go to extremes with the compromises we make Not to fuck up the one chance that we got Anything not to end up alone – don't drop the ball Do not drop the ball! A compulsive need to be heard What's to say is beside the point Carve it in your skin (as if it would) Make it last forever Deaden what it is you feel Block the urges still a burden On this snake skin saddle We rise to salvation The goals have been set, blueprints presented Don't you dare let me down boy Is this what I want? Can't even say anymore I thought that I did, now I'm not that Sure there's some things I would change if I had the chance Still, no use to bitch about that now Maybe I'll carve it in to my skin, make it last forever Behind these empty suits you hide on this reptile ride
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