Finger Eleven – First Time

Finger Eleven
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исполнитель Finger Eleven

длительность 04:26

размер 7.25 MB

битрейт 224 kbps

загружено id123623

First Time
На гудок
I had never thought We were hanging on But the fall looks very far Staring at the ground What flesh will do to you Will do to me too Be free and on your own It's not that simple It's never that simple It feels like the first time That we'd fallen behind And we faltered too far down No one could save us It feels like the first time And we're standing about them And no one can touch us The worst is over I could say to you A bitter word or two There's no stopping now Just get it out in the air Heard it through the fog And hurt by it all I'd take it back today But it's out of my hands Lost in the film again All the signs were showing Watching a single frame When the wind begins You're never anywhere 'Cause you're caught in my weather every time Feels like the first time We'd fallen behind No use is the other one to wait But I can hold on As sure as I'm strong Get over the faithful yesterdays
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