Ramona Falls – Russia

Ramona Falls
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исполнитель Ramona Falls

правообладатель Warner Music Group

длительность 03:14

размер 7.76 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено LoLizz

Правообладатель трека установил
ограничения к скачиванию.
I visited Russia and I started folding until in one precious doll I had hoarded all of Siberia; I said, "Love, here ya go." She said: "Too little too late." A trip to the Nile where I started swimming until I finally found the spring brimming with God's purest water from Abba the father to heal her. She said: "Too little too late." I sailed to Komodo, I fought with the dragons; when it was over, their tails were wagging. I taught them tricks, said "Sit, dragon, sit." I brought her a pet. She said: "Too little too late." I rode into China, I studied the Wall. And I lapped it seven times, which caused it to fall. It spilled out our fortune, I found exhortion, "Well, here you go." She said: "Too little too late." She said: "Too little too late." "Too little too late."
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