Joss Stone – Young At Heart

Joss Stone
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исполнитель Joss Stone

длительность 04:11

размер 5.01 MB

битрейт 160 kbps

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Young At Heart
На гудок
Chorus: You're wasting your time Trying to tear us apart You can't stop our plans We were destined from the start He loves me I love him And even though were young at heart You're the one in denial Tired of creeping around when I'm craving for His kiss Whenever I'm lonely he is the only one I miss You say it ain't right but I think that you got it wrong Its bliss And I love him yeah yeah I love him He makes me go oo-oo-ooooo When he looks at me Oo-ooo-ooo And it's plain to see Nothing you can do-oo-ooooo To discourage me And I love him I really love him Chorus My parents say I'm too good and that he doesn't deserve me My friends think he's not cool enough so they'd rather desert me My sister says her boyfriend has a brother and she'll introduce me But I don't want him, no I've got my man There's nothing you can do-oo-oooo To discourage me I'm cool with my man's family If you were in my shoes You'd feel differently But you're in denial You're in denial Chorus You're the one in denial You're the one, you're the one You're the one in denial Said I would cry for him Lie for him Hell I'd even die for him Cry for him Lie for him Hell I'd even die for him Cry for him Lie for him Hell I'd even die for him Chorus (2x)
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