Black Veil Brides – Fallen Angels

Black Veil Brides
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исполнитель Black Veil Brides

правообладатель Spectrum Of Eternity

длительность 03:45

размер 3.58 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено alex3400262

Fallen Angels
На гудок
Scream, shout (x2) We are the fallen angels. We are the in between cast down this on the world Struck to the earth like lightning on this world we're torn We will cause the pain of living out there love Take joy in who you are We know how wings are flown Bridge: We are born to protect the heavens and down the lonely hell We only want to be ourselves. Chorus: We scream, we shout We are the fallen angels. We scream, we shout woahhh woahhh Too lost to see the road No need to build this sorrow We scream, we shout woahhh We are the fallen angels. Follow the rolling stone around with darkness trail The passion left unholy Now you found yourself We are the way to go, the one to wish us well Across to find our home to find our stories they will tell
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