Opeth – Ghost Of Perdition

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исполнитель Opeth

правообладатель Warner Music Group

длительность 10:30

размер 10.06 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Sadist-85

Ghost Of Perdition
На гудок
Ghost of Perdition Ghost of Mother Lingering death Ghost on Mother's bed Black strands on the pillow Contour of her health Twisted face upon the head Ghost of perdition Stuck in her chest A warning no one read Tragic friendship Called inside the fog Pouring venom brew deceiving Devil cracked the earthly shell Foretold she was the one Blew hope into the room and said: "You have to live before you die young" Holding her down Channeling darkness Hemlock for the Gods Fading resistance Draining the weakness Penetrating inner light Road into the dark unaware Winding ever higher Darkness by her side Spoke and passed her by Dedicated hunter Waits to pull us under Rose up to its call In his arms she'd fall Mother light received And a faithful servant's free In time the hissing of her sanity Faded out her voice and soiled her name And like marked pages in a diary Everything seemed clean that is unstained The incoherent talk of ordinary days Why would we really need to live? Decide what is clear and what's within a haze What you should take and what to give Ghost of perdition A saint's premotion's unclear Keeper of holy hordes Keeper of holy whores To see a beloved son In despair of what's to come If one cut the source of the flow And everything would change Would conviction fall In the shadow of the righteous The phantasm of your mind Might be calling you to go Defying the forgotten morals Where the victim is the prey
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