Bullet For My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire

Bullet For My Valentine
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исполнитель Bullet For My Valentine

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment

жанр Альтернатива, Рок, Поп, Метал

длительность 04:58

размер 9.01 MB

битрейт 241 kbps

загружено Mayweda

Hearts Burst Into Fire
[Solo - Tuck] I'm coming home! I've been gone for far too long! Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving Have I fucked things up again? I'm dreaming Too much time without you spent! [Pre-chorus:] It hurts! Wounds so sore! Now I'm torn Now I'm torn [Chorus:] I've been far away When I see your face My hearts burst into fire! Hearts burst into fire! You're not alone I know I'm far from home! Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving Do you wait for me again? I'm screaming No more days that I just spent [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] [Interlude:] My bed's so cold, so lonely No arms, just sheets to hold me Has this world stop turning? Are we forever to be apart? (Forever to be apart) [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] I'm coming home I've been gone for too long! (I'm coming home) Do you remember me at all? Do you remember me at all? I'm leaving I'm screaming I'm dreaming HEARTS BURST IN TO FIRE [screamed]
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