White Zombie – Creature Of The Wheel

White Zombie
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исполнитель White Zombie

длительность 03:26

размер 6.71 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено Realizer

Creature Of The Wheel
На гудок
Alone against the world Twist a reckless life - straight Into the heart of the ripper -Trick of treat my mind to A rebel ride - Heldorado Move like a monster Creature of the wheeltrigger wicked way - Tangle like a webbeneath me Ankle-deep in hellthrough another way crucifyThe sky above me New God kill machineAnd man say Lord of theEngines - Yeah Pocket full of dirt - frozenIn my hands - hold on toThe namelessGod yeah BreatheInto the deepAnd dying lightOf day - OverdoseOn bloody wings Splinter in theSkin turn yourEyes away - sick andSwaggering - beneath me Revolution mind ye ofLittle faith Rusty and dull Cut me New God kill machineAnd man say LordOf the engines And O' brothers and sisters I ask you to look at him. Doeshe have the marks? Do you seethem? NO. Demon-paper clowns Stitched across my back Easygoing dead black eyes Microscopic giants on a chicken Run - Everybody dies laughing Thrust into the drag on theEdge and wait Motivate the oneInside you Bastard kicker burnBlow the ash away - HeldoradoGonna get you - get you Get you - get you
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