Deadly Avenger – Black Sun

Deadly Avenger
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исполнитель Deadly Avenger

длительность 05:17

размер 7.59 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено BlackWhiteOrang

Black Sun
На гудок
MURDER! Man of Fire! MURDER! I've seen the eyes of living Death. It's descending, survival, the great mass [lay-a-] awaiting [gain], Dave:[great mass lay-waiting game] Bud:[Why is the great mass awaiting game?] embalmed, prayerful, dying in fear of pain! All sense of FREEDOM gone! Black Sun... in a white world... Like having a black son in a white world. I have a son! His name is [Ethan] It's his birthright... beyond the strange light. Dave:[* is Ethan a biblical name?] Bud:[I too thought it sounded a bit like EE-thin, but I am not sure of the significanse or the meaning... Ethan is not a biblical name as far as I am aware.] Give me 69 years and a season in this hell Bud:[possibly another season in this hell] there's all sex and death as far as eyes can tell. Like Prometheus we are bound chained to this rock of a brave new world our [god forsaken lost]. And I have a fear, it's all we ever needed to know. So, worlds end and the seas run cold! Give me 69 years and the season in this hell there's all sex and death in Mother Nature's plans. Like Prometheus, we are bound chained to this rock of a brave new world our god, forsaken, lost.
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