Eminem – Fuck off

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исполнитель Eminem

правообладатель Warner Music Group (Warner Brothers)

жанр Рэп

длительность 06:12

размер 5.96 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено khoa

Fuck off
На гудок
Artist: kid rock f/ eminema shimmy shimmy go go motha fuckin pop Its the k-k-kid rock with the k-k-kid rock shit Im on top bitch and rock for tricks Hella whips and nips and flip trips for whips I get all the money pussy falls like rain Been gettin laid and paid thats why I never complain If I aint in it for the money Im in it for the p (or is it d) Its 1998 yo and you still cant fuck with me You dont be fuckin with the blue eye Fuckin with my 2-5 up your fuckin ass like my shoe size I got a new vibe, kinda like voodoo You do what we say and well do what we want to Were fuckin up your city and were fuckin up your progam Fuckin all your bitches we can fuckin give a goddamn Twisted brown gets down with no assistance We wont quit until were banned from existence Persistance pays if that holds true Then Im gonna buy this fuckin planet before the time Im through I was praised and raised on the thoughts of no takings So let me get what I got comin and the rest Im fakin Im shakin like jerry lee lewis and shit You act like the motherfuckers new at this shit But Ive been true to this shit given my heart and soul Been shinin like a diamond but gettin passed as coal So fuck off Yeah With my pants half hangin off my ass and shit Bowl filled hash pockets stuffed with cash I be the mushroom trippin sippin shots of jack cause the kids dont listen gettin lots of flack I be the do wa diddy up and down you block and The 10 karat kid with my triggers cockin The k the I the d r-o-c k motherfucker and you still dont know me So blow me bitch I dont rock for *edited* I rock for the cash and the topless dancers Dont have no answers so pass the joint Im just paid in full and made in detroit I ride like setta in the indy 5 And get live with that which gets me high Strive for perfection this much is true We do what we say you say what we do Kid rock I couldnt be no bozo And I get too much nina *edited* and my glock rolls solo to arizona Im an easy rider dreamin of wynonna I roam the country like a greyhound bus Put faith in lust and in God I trust Im not peter pan I dont fuck with fairies But I bust more rhymes than virgin cherries And harry carey couldnt call my game Fucked so many hoes Im in the hall of fame And I show no shame from coast to coast I dont mean to brag, but I like to boast Fuck off Yeah right in your mother fuckin ass bitch With that detroit city shit aint shit swift were on the same script Nothing new since 76 kid rock Yo slim shady come break these mother fuckers off (eminem) Yo tell the world to hold their breath theyre breathing the wrong air This planet belongs to me and this hippy with long hair Two white boys who spike punch and like noise Hang around drugs loud music and like noise Slim shady and brown trucker another bunch of mother fuckers Who hate the world as much as each other And I aint leaving this party tonight til I see some naked bitches dancin around drunk touchin each other Rum and pepsi got your perception of me sketchy cause when I stage dive people are scared to catch me cause all I do is curse and fuck So when I do shrooms you all better give me two rooms cause Im fuckin the first one up So when you see me on your block you better lock your cars cause you know Im losin it when Im rappin to rock guitars This is for children who break rules People that straight fool And ever single teenager that hates school Fuck off
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