Fort Minor – Strange things

Fort Minor
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исполнитель Fort Minor

длительность 03:10

размер 4.55 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено dj_amur

Strange things
[Verse 1:] Everybody up Let me introduce to you, a man that herd of who you thought you knew, give me a couple of seconds just to prove to you, you never did, but let me give you a chance too, I use to swear everybody had it in for me people only wanted to talk to spit on me so I'd paint pictures, draw alittle bit and every time I'd was pissed off at some kid I'd get home draw a little sketch of any kid i hated with a knife in the neck a pencil in the eye and a hole in the back, i had a back pack of six sketches like that, and over time people started to see the pictures that i made, made alot of scence to me, but it never ready made much of a difference, they still talk shit, but not at close distance, and that sucked because all I wanted to have was alittle attention with the good and bad, but over time I got sick of tryin and kepth makin them pictures and keptn redrawin lines [chorus:] I dont know where im going with this im just reminisin and tellin the story of this sit back and take in the story of the kid, as i look back at the strange things i did [Verse 2:] Everybody up let me tell the truth to you i never thought id be anyone you wished you knew, and just thought id end up a stain on the wall, something you want to fix because you've seen it all, anyway back at psi i had a class with this smart mouth friend of mine, and we would sit in the back, the two of us combine, we'd make fun of everybody just to pass the time, now we did it quietly so no one heard, a couple of nerds scentence full of pictures and words until this kid heard we were callin him names and decided to get tough, i remember he came up to me that day in front of half my friends and talk shit so loud people couldn't pretend they didn't hear him, sayin he would beat my ass and i laughed but he was serious and pushed me back, at this point i was pretty confused, this little bitch was all ampt so what could i do, i should have come back at him for all to see, but instead i just told him that it wasn't me [Chorus x2] [Verse 3:] its like flat liners see that flick, people dyin, come back saying crazy shit, people that they did wrong come back to attack them and everyone that they hurt comes back for revenge, well if that was ever going to happen to me, I'd petentially would be attacked constently but then again for all the pain in my pass there'd be alot of people that had better watch there ass [chours x2]
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