Talib Kweli – Broken Glass

Talib Kweli
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исполнитель Talib Kweli

длительность 03:10

размер 4.57 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено BlackWhiteOrang

Broken Glass
feat. Pharrell [Pharrell] Kweli!!! [T. Kweli] Yeah! They wasn't expecting this! that's why ya [Pharrell] Hahaha [T. Kweli] Gotta hope for the best and play 'em for the worst, c'mon! [Pharrell] Muhfuckers is history! [T. Kweli] C'mon!! [Verse - Talib Kweli] This the story of - Lucy In The Sky Wit Diamonds Ask her why she crying, she wanna live, she got no time for dying Was a science, dreams too big for a small town She gotta get to New York and watch a door fall down Hopped off the Greyhound, gotta make her way now She sleeping on the park benches in the playground But cash burn quick, don't wanna have to turn trick Ready to quit 'til she met the super pimp Flashing his toothy smile that drove little Lucy wild She quick to hop up on his dick straight Hoopie style She let the fella hit but she sang she sell-a-bit [celebate] He ain't buying that, she ain't selling it She looking for love in all of the above Believing videos, trying to back up all on a thug Who wanna - put it in her, withdraw like a Citi card But now she shake that ass for tips at the titty bar [Chorus - Talib Kweli] (Pharrell) Broken glass - everywhere! (IT'S LOUDER!!) Louder - than a bomb shattered in in the air (IT'S LOUDER!!) Try to hold back your tears baby! (IT'S LOUDER!!) Wait a second, what happens here baby? (IT'S LOUDER!!) Broken glass - everywhere! (IT'S LOUDER!!) Louder - than a bomb shattered in in the air, yeah (How many of y'all think you can do what we do?!) Yeah! Wait a second (One! Two! Three! C'mon!) [Verse - Talib Kweli] Dreams shattered like broken glass Press ignore it and your hopes get broken fast You complain for the life you supposed to have But when you try to make plans God is known to laugh Throw a song on the phonograph, and Lucy start wilin The trick start smiling, watch the loot start flying The Gucci start pilling up, she live designer plush Start lining up the coke so she could find a rush Time's up, she's about to turn 33 Her shit started to sag, she got surgery Now cats are used to drive past her like a Church van Acting on thirst, 'She Wants To Move' like a N.E.R.D. fan Bigger house, 10,000 dollar purse fam She let you in, she wanted rent by the 1st man She the ring leader in a clique of birds And they shadowy, like the silhouette behind the curtain [Chorus] [Verse - Talib Kweli] She was a small city girl with big city dreams Niggaz try to figure how to get up in them jeans Put her in them scenes, get her on the team Hit her wit the cream 'til they figured out the schemes Now she all up in the club looking for a new love Really like Huey Lewis looking for a new drug Cause coke's getting old, started free basing Graduated to crack, smack on occasion Not catching the bus, but back at the station Back and forth pacing, acting all impatient Last hundred dollars, she got to 'Get By' Now gotta make a choice, go home or get high Mommy and daddy miss her, she left for the fame Now what's left is the dirt that's thrown on her name She need a ticket home if it's the right course Instead she bought a ticket to ride the white horse [Chorus]
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