Justin Hines – Another Way To Cry

Justin Hines
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исполнитель Justin Hines

длительность 04:03

размер 9.72 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Another Way To Cry
На гудок
Lovers crossed, Hard to untie With the weight of, Heavy nights And apart from all, The bitter scence They are apart most, of the time Jagged words that, Cut so deep An throwing stones, At her pride And he may talk himself, Right out of love That's just another way, To cry Looking at, This family tree With branches, Wearing thin And when the drifting shows its face That's when the mending should begin But we were green and We parted ways Never thought of good-bye And we may send a card To show we care That's just another way, To cry So hang on brother now Hang on sister now We're all OK No I said Hang on brother now Hang on sisyer now We're all OK When the final note has played I'll get back to my delight Though I may bare my soul For a moment or two Cos that's just another way, To cry And I may tell a somber Tale to some That's just another way, To cry
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