Litesound – The Life

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исполнитель Litesound

правообладатель НЦИС

длительность 03:18

размер 3.03 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено ycmah

The Life
[Chorus:] This is the life, This is the place you wanna go, This is the time To see the world you've never known, This is the life, This is the dream, this is the wish, This is the chance, The chance you never wanna miss And you wander through the memories, They seemed so far away, Now you see the past in front of you So close you can taste, I know That you keep dreaming, laying awake Oh, face the future, The precious gift you take [Chorus] All the fictions no one ever sees Living free in your mind They can take you far away from here Leave your sadness behind Picture Things you imagine are coming real Oh, watch it happening You know just how it feels [Chorus] It's so easy to feel Close your eyes and go there The music will take you away You come in your world You make it your worth Everything can change [Chorus]
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