Donna Summer – Sand on My Feet

Donna Summer
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исполнитель Donna Summer

длительность 03:51

размер 3.74 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

Sand on My Feet
Wakin' up this morning Saw the sun come through my blinds And I looked up on the porch And found an owl shrieking by But never could I have imagined Such a place like this And you're lyin' next to me I wanna wake you with a kiss And all the crazy things about you That I so adore Are the little things that keep me Coming back for more [Chorus:] And it feels like love, and it feels so good I wanna feel like the roarin' thunder Wanna be the heaven that your sky is under Oh, I say, you say, oh (It's like love) All that I need, baby it's true The sand on my feet and you I will go wherever you go Take me where you lead? Lead me where you want My heart doesn't know? Anything but what you say You're the one for me You make me feel complete I can silent read your whisper And my lips still feel your touch And I'm oh so glad to be here Oh so glad to be here [Chorus] But you and I have walked the oceans Miles along the shore And a thousand seagulls called on me So we came right back for more And I love to feel the water It makes me feel so free Underneath the purple sky Every time you look at me I reach up to forever With the promises you keep They fill me with such happiness It makes my heart believe [Chorus] How many lovers Have walked along the shore before Before you and I How many said goodbye
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