Cyndi Lauper – Lay me down

Cyndi Lauper
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исполнитель Cyndi Lauper

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment

длительность 03:29

размер 4.36 MB

битрейт 167 kbps

загружено keits

Lay me down
На гудок
An empty street, a quiet smile Without steady feet You know the reckless kind Keep coming, coming back To the same old place With that wild eyed stare Up in your face Lay me down, let me down In a big old town Lay me down, let me down In a big old town He must have lost his soul When he found the rent He wrestles with control Still hasn't pinned it yet Once in , once in a while Loose that cigarette There's always some strange smile Underneath his breath Lay me down, let me down... ... passion's fist against a wall The crush of a kiss, the rise and fall Take me there, take me there To that wounded sound It's just love's despair Gone and hit the ground Lay me down,, let me down In a big old town... in a big old town...
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