Limp Bizkit – Nobody like you

Limp Bizkit
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исполнитель Limp Bizkit

жанр Альтернатива

длительность 04:23

размер 7.36 MB

битрейт 224 kbps

загружено tontons

Nobody like you
I'm convinced that you hate (that you hate) you hate me You like (you like) you like to see me cry Its already a proven fact That you wait and you wait on me to die It's all scary, I find it hard to confide I will make you see it my way You give, I take, you say You want to be away from meYou make me I've got a reason and I won't let go Take me down I've got a reason and I want to knowI'm convinced that you fucked me And your good, you did (you did) But I won't let her go I've got my reasons And I'm not leavin' So I'll wait on you tonight Please take this time for me to be unforgiven I give my life to you I lay my life on the line for you, for you, for you, for youI got no reason, I got no reason I got no reason, I got no reason
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