Krystal Meyers – Love it away

Krystal Meyers
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исполнитель Krystal Meyers

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment

длительность 03:42

размер 6.17 MB

битрейт 221 kbps

загружено keits

Love it away
You can't hear your heart And you can't see your dreams Feels like your world is falling apart And your soul's torn at the seams Do you know when your world is unraveling Holding on, hanging by a thread Don't you know there's somebody to pull you in Don't cry anymore He will, He will Love it away He will be there every day If you're hurting, feeling afraid He will... Love, love, love it away What are you fighting for And what are you running from Moving like a fast train out of control Pretending there's nothing wrong I know you're thinking you're all alone And you wear a smile to cover up the pain You don't have anywhere else to go Don't fight it anymore You're so sure that no one knows What you're going through I know exactly how you feel 'Cause I see myself in you What is broken What's been stolen Our Father will restore Love it away , love it away Love it away, love it away...
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