This Beautiful Republic – My god

This Beautiful Republic
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исполнитель This Beautiful Republic

длительность 02:58

размер 5.07 MB

битрейт 228 kbps

загружено tontons

I'm losing contact Forgetting what is real Able to touch, but not able to feel It's easier, to shut out everyone I'm chasing after my newest distraction to escape it all My God, oh, my God ? what have I become? The self-addicted one My God, oh, my God ? You never failed me You're what I need So often, I'm the sleeping prayer More often, I'm the weeping betrayer Sometimes I play the martyr, become the traitor The humbled sinner, has never been a role I knew to play Treason A pound of flesh is the debt Leaving a crippled man I'll give You all I have left A straining outstretched hand Is it enough? Reach down Take me back
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