This Beautiful Republic – Stay with you tonight

This Beautiful Republic
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исполнитель This Beautiful Republic

длительность 03:56

размер 6.71 MB

битрейт 227 kbps

загружено tontons

Stay with you tonight
A song is hidden in the wind, written for you Filter the noise and have a listen, a moment or two You'll find the strength in you To fade the scars, the black and blue, and stand tall Go and I will be your guide Know if you fall I'm by your side You breathe so you know that it's alright You walk with your hand holding to Mine Hope will stay with you tonight Are you buried in the darkness, the shadow of the doubt? Lost track of time indulging yourself, I'll be your way out I'll never let you down We'll fade the scars, repair the heart, and stand tall My love, I have got a plan, waiting in the wings My child the healing will begin, underneath My wings Come with Me, Come with Me, I can save you now Come with Me, Come with Me Come with Me, Come with Me, You're all I've got Come with Me, Come with Me
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