Manfred Mann`s Earth Band – On The Run

Manfred Mann`s Earth Band
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исполнитель Manfred Mann`s Earth Band

длительность 03:54

размер 5.90 MB

битрейт 202 kbps

загружено tontons

Written by Manfred Mann/Tony Ashton/Florrie Palmer - Published by Scalehand Ltd./Chappell/Pendium You're on the run from the Law You weren't happy, had to have much more Now the heat is on The heat is on Don't look back Hideaway You keep going, just another day 'Cause the heat is on The heat is on You know you're in the hands of fate You've done the worst You must appreciate why The heat is on The heat is on Run away on the night flight Oh they got you on the run You gonna live in the twilight Oh the heat is on Took your gold, took your chance You got the money And you got romance Now, the heat is on The heat is on The time has come for you to go You keep running But it seems so slow 'Cause the heat is on The heat is on [repeat to fade]
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