The Soho Dolls – Stripper

The Soho Dolls
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исполнитель The Soho Dolls

правообладатель Warner Music Group A&G Records

длительность 03:37

размер 7.23 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено Rock_n_Rose

Well Ana you're late And Maya, I'm here, The boys in the band decide to appear, We walk through the door savour the air, The girls on the floor, I've come here to stare, We've come here to stare, Yeah Don't touch the girls, Don't kiss the girls, I have the right to pull the girls, Get in a fight on every night, The scratches, the bruises and the bites, But I wanna touch, And I wanna kiss, And if you say no then I will persist, With you tonight, you'll make it right, You know that you're wetting my appetite [Chorus:] You can call me x, You can call me y, You can call me z, You can come and try, Come and try Don't know what you think you're doing to me, (Hey! Stripper! Hey! Stripper!) Don't know what you see it's getting to me, (Hey! Stripper, Hey! I wanna be your mister) Na na, Na na, Na na, Na na, Na Na na, Na na, Na na, Na na, Na Like your perfume, your skin is smooth, The way you move, I'm in the mood, Tease the crowd, please the crowd, I'm boiling I want you to see me now, You get me, girl, When you're nervous well, And when your hand is in the thong, You may be right, I close them tight, You're saving the best for me tonight [Chorus] I've come to stare, I've come to stare, You like me to stare? I like your underwear I've come to stare, I've come to stare, You like me to stare? I am a voyeur [Chorus
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