Xandria – Return To India

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исполнитель Xandria

длительность 06:00

размер 8.64 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено cruxshady

Return To India
Sun rays touching my skin like a stream of gold Beauty, fame and wealth smell nice on top of the world Made my day, this day made me the blessed one My achievements will shine bright when all the smoke is gone All those years and with all my heart reaching out for what would broaden my horizon Perpetual striving made my life complete and now that I reached new dimensions I wonder why, I wonder why There's still something in my head I fail to explain Falling deep into this void, only silence to remain Sheer enlightenment of the soul that's what I hoped to find Reduced to instincts I've to see there will be no peace of mind Left behind the ghosts I knew so well, stepped into the light, into a new beginning But can it be I miss their company, need their guidance and advice to define The inner me Where's my dream of India? Dead-end street to India Been so close and yet so far No return to India Expectations once so high now seem down and low They once sent shivers down my spine, now make me tremble in my bones Where's the dream that made me be, made me carry on Gave my longing for an end just to find that nothings won Means to an end we're dedicated to might set an end to all those means we have to offer I can't escape from this lifelong dream, I'm a captice of it's shadows, awaken, end to all sleep Where's my dream of India? Dead-end street to India Been so close and yet so far Give me back my India
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