Ugly Kid Joe – Cloudy Skies

Ugly Kid Joe
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исполнитель Ugly Kid Joe

длительность 04:24

размер 4.23 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено MoofOK

Cloudy Skies
Verse 1 Well, they keep on taking my heart And they keep on taking my soul They keep taking an inch when I give them a mile And now it seems its been a while since anyone smiled Chorus They don't know me They don't know me They don't know me They don't know me But my name is on the highway sign, never look behind All those troubles are gone, nothing left but to run So meet me down and don't be shy A place where we can hide There ain't nothing to fear There ain't no-one back here But you and I and these cloudy skies Verse 2 So it's time to leave our home And see the faces we've out-grown Through the years we've kept our backs to the wind So long, farewell, good-bye my friend Chorus (X2)
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