Glasvegas – Ice Cream Van

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исполнитель Glasvegas

длительность 05:56

размер 7.73 MB

битрейт 174 kbps

загружено SamWell

Ice Cream Van
На гудок
There's a storm on the horizon And for that I can't see the sun For I'll keep a waiting on the pavement For the ice-cream van to come Its die hard hate to follow And I'll not follow that The marching people running round my head Running round my head I don't know why Why can't we see Straight through the powers that be Who keep us breaking each others hearts And keeping us apart, keeping us apart Destroying the ground where gruesome lays Sectarianism and the hurtful racist ways Bring back the glory days Active citizenship And pure community Freedom of faith There's a storm on the horizon...
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