Liv Kristine – Waves Of Green

Liv Kristine
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исполнитель Liv Kristine

длительность 05:55

размер 8.52 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Medieval

Waves Of Green
На гудок
Watching the tidals that wash to the shore - I never forget Into these silent waves of all times - eternally How long may this remain Peace to the land Nature and sea Silent emotions are overcome I wonder how We can go on Stormy times will we behold ? Do we still care What future holds So many words been said undone The waves of green They will flow on Heal me, free me - dawning is near Where is the saviour - for us to believe As I sit here - on Norge's shores Cries of the unheard - will they be heard The waves of green - whispering my name
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