Pur:pur – Sophy

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исполнитель Pur:pur

длительность 02:52

размер 3.00 MB

битрейт 139 kbps

загружено L1quiD

На гудок
Sophie There is no place on earth Where you could see those sea-wave eyes Sophie I’m touching your cheek with my nose And feel the scent of cookies Sophie Your tiny fingers touching air And you look happily surprised Sophie You’ll see world full of wonders Though it’s frighteningly unkind Oh wonder-child Pink cloud on my sky People are blind If they can’t see the light You’re shining with… As if you are a star So far so far so far… Moon-child I want you to hear music of the silence With your tiny ears Sun-child When you grow up you might think That you’re all alone and no one’s near Love-child You’ll have to learn that world loves you No matter who or what you are Boon-child And now your sleep’s so sweet and deep And nothing is to harm your dream…
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