Pur:pur – Once upon a time

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исполнитель Pur:pur

длительность 03:17

размер 3.15 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено L1quiD

Once upon a time
На гудок
Once upon a time Some stranger came to me and said That I didn’t have to be afraid Of open loving heart. Once upon a time I felt there had to be someone With brown eyes and gentle smile With pure loving heart. And he would treat me very right And hold me when my soul is cold He’ll always be right by my side He’ll never let me go. Once upon a time Some stranger said to me one thing And I believed, cause everything He said was pure truth. Once in a blue moon My heart bloomed up with light and care Cause I knew that he’s always there Was always there for me. He treats me like nobody else And holds me when my soul is cold He cares for me like no one cares He never lets me go. Once in a blue moon People get their chance to feel Some real, sincere and genuine Warmth in their hearts…
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