Ayo – Mother

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исполнитель Ayo

длительность 05:29

размер 6.92 MB

битрейт 168 kbps

загружено keits

Mother look at yourself Are that scars on your body the traces of a spell? Just like that finger you cannot move What have you gotten yourself into? Well it's easy to tell Mother what are you trying to achieve? Always telling lies and hurting me You're messing up your life As if that's not enough you're trying to mess up mine [Chorus:] Stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away Stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away Stay away, stay away, stay away, stay away from me You better love me from a distance Mother the evil came right through your veins To settle down in your brain All your actions are under his control 'Cause to him you sold your soul Tell me mother how can I ever trust you again? Since with you every good meal has a bad aftertaste As much as I wanna let you back into my life I just can't 'cause I got to protect myself from you [Chorus] I love you and it will always be that way That's why it hurts so bad to see you drag down and throwing it all away As much as I wanna be close to you I just can't 'cause seeing you like that is unbearable [Chorus]
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