The Pretenders – The Last Ride

The Pretenders
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исполнитель The Pretenders

длительность 03:41

размер 4.98 MB

битрейт 180 kbps

загружено tontons

The Last Ride
На гудок
I made my bed but I couldn't sleep in it With the man in red tracking me minute by minute Running like a horse Always looking behind me But of course he would always find me [Chorus:] Hey buddy Hey friend My pal My brother We take shelter in each other I'll keep it simple You keep it true I owe my last ride to you Heaven and hell ride in tandem I used to mix them up at random I spent my youth on a reckless futile race Where love and truth could never place [Chorus] After all, nobody can save The mortal body from the grave Who can arrest the soul's sad journey in its plight? - one more day to get it right I decided to stop dying No more cheatin' no more lyin' What kind of club opens its gates to sinners like me? And bids them forth unto eternity [Chorus] Under the buckeye trees Where the rubber city grew I owe the last ride to you
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